The Poet's Page

By Vic George 1996

As I sit down to say my grace,
I am thankful for what in life I faced.
I am thankful for the good,
I am thankful for the bad.
I am thankful to still have a mom and a dad.
I am thankful for the pleasures I had.
I am thankful for the times I survived.
I am thankful I am still alive.
I am thankful for what I know,
For what I can do and what I can give.
I am thankful for where and how I live,
For what I have and what I have not,
And for the things that I have forgotten,
And the world into which I am begottenÖ
Now letís eat before it gets rotten!

By Vic George 1996

What do you do when things go wrong?
Do you own your own part of the guilt?
Or do you disown it
And send its bill off to someone else,
Hoping they will pay it off?
Turn everything over
Onto some unknown innocent?
Make up some outlandish
Yet reasonable excuses?
Find out something about them
Under your microscope
And then magnify it to the naked eye?
Send the hounds of judgment
Down a false trail?
Maybe then youíll find your peace,
If only for a little while.
But just try to wash your hands of the guilt;
The stains of error will still be there,
The price of your misguidance
Will still be hanging on your head.
So what is left to do when things go wrong?
Pay off your debts with a backbone
Instead of hiding from them without one.

By Vic George 1992

I saw you in yesterday.
I saw you when your hair wasnít gray
And your smile as bright as the light of day.
I saw you as a child in play,
As a wild young horse whoís allowed to stray,
As fresh and cool as an ocean spray,
As beautiful as a blossom in May.
It was all before you passed away;
The only thing to you I have to say
Is that I saw you in yesterday.

By Vic George 1993

Electricity is in the air,
Supported by poles,
Conveyed by lines
Across the great wide open,
A highway in the sky.
Pigeons straddle the lanes.
Where does this roadway go?
It ends only in the horizon,
Beyond the limits of my vision,
Of my imagining.
I am propelled in its direction,
Energized by what lies beyond
As I follow the sky lines,
Dizzy at the sight of myself
In flight,
In wavecurrents,
In messages carried
Through space and through time
To the place beyond the horizon,
In beams of energy
Traveling the vehicles of voltages.
I make this journey at incredible speed.
I need no wings, I just need eyes
To make this headlong trip to infinity.

By Vic George 1995

I have no idea
Of what I want to create.
I have all the tools,
I just have no picture in my mind.
Someone deleted my hard drive;
No words for making any sound,
No backup files, no readmes.
It just feels so calculated.
Here I am, sitting at the typewriter,
Staring into white space,
Wanting to do some black lines of text.
Everything and nothing to my confessor;
Is this all I can do right now?

I still have no idea
Of what I want to create.

By Vic George 1995

Iím feeling rather weird,
Like Iím just having a baby today,
Like Iím passing somebody off at the head,
Like Iím totally inside out.
Iím feeling so mixed up,
Like Iím waking up every night
And going to sleep every morning,
Like time is going backwards
And Iím gonna die until the day Iím born,
Like Iím normal and the world is not.
Iím feeling so smiley,
So suspended in my animation,
So like dope on a rope.
Is this really me feeling this way?
Somebody please wake me up!

By Vic George 1995

I sit alone by the lakeside,
The same lake I swam in in summer.
It just isnít the same in September
As it starts to look older,
The breezy waters turning colder;
The green trees that gave me shade,
Now a fiery orange and red glade
Overhanging and dangling over the surface.
I sit alone and see the stillness;
Fewer boats sailing in the tub,
People packing up for warmer climates,
Wild geese in V formations.
Everything here speaks of the winter to come;
Already it leaves me feeling numb.
Soon the land will be glistening white
And the lake a solid sheet of ice.
But itís only the forest going to sleep
For the next several months and then
I will be read to swim in the lake again.

By Vic George 1995

On the borderline
Between two states of being
Bash Bish
Like a magic wish
Liquid cool
From the mountain to a pool
Natural flow
The oasis for my soul
Into the naked I go
OoohÖthis waterís cold
How was I supposed to know?
Shower in the rain
Relaxing my brain
I need not feel no shame
Becoming me again
Over the river and through the woods
Up and down hills
To the earth motherís house we go
Again I wish it were so