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Left Behind
The series begins with the disappearance of millions, which airline pilot Rayford Steele and reporter Buck Williams witness a portion of on a fateful flight. But Rayford also finds himself without his wife and his son, who have disappeared, leaving him with his daughter Chloe. They eventually discover that Christ has "raptured" the people of His church, but all hope for those left behind has not been lost. With the help of a pastor named Bruce Barnes, Rayford, Buck, and Chloe form a core group called the Tribulation Force to deal with what's to come.
Scriptural reference: 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17
Tribulation Force
As the first of the Seal Judgments open, Nicolae Carpathia prepares for his reign on the Earth by assuming control of the United Nations and moving it to what is now called New Babylon, changing the organization into Global Community. In this story, he also supports Peter Mathews' nomination as the supreme pope, creating in the process a global belief system called Enigma Babylon, and takes control of the world's media. Meanwhile, theological scholar Tsion Ben-Judah outrages the unbelieving Jews in his own country with public proof that Jesus Christ is their Messiah.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 6:1-4
As war erupts following the opening of the second seal, and plague, death, and martyrism come immediately with the next three seals, Rayford must deal with the loss of Bruce Barnes and carry on in his absence and also talk his former flight attendant Hattie Durham out of aborting a baby she had with Nicolae. Meanwhile, Buck Williams must rescue Tsion from being a marked fugitive in his own country with the help of Ken Ritz. But there is no escape from "the wrath of the Lamb", which takes place at the end of this book, where a major earthquake and a worldwide meteor shower assault those still living on the Earth.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 6:5-17
Soul Harvest
Rayford loses his second wife Amanda to a plane crash in the Tigris, while Buck must rescue his injured wife Chloe from Global Community agents. Tsion, now living in seclusion in America, continues to sound the call to all believers on the Internet, including the emerging 144,000 Jewish evangelists who have been sealed prior to the beginning of the Trumpet Judgements. Buck and Chloe work together to help Hattie survive her pregnancy.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 7:1,8; 8:7-12
Rayford has been removed from his position as the pilot to Nicolae while Tsion, Chloe, and Buck travel to Israel for a meeting with the two witnesses at the Wailing Wall and the mass of global converts. Rayford now teams up with the newly-converted Ken Ritz to rescue Tsion, Chloe, and Buck from being killed by the Global Community Police in Israel. Following this, life on Earth has been crippled with a simultaneous solar and lunar eclipse that has blocked out sunlight for a certain period of time. Also, Apollyon the Destroyer with his legion of demon locusts emerge to torture the unbelievers for a time.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 9:1-11
Four murders take place right after the sounding of the sixth trumpet, which unleashes 200 million demonic horsemen upon the unsaved to kill one-third of the world's remaining population. Hattie Durham escapes the custody of the Tribulation Force and is now a runaway fugitive. New member Leah Rose helps the group out in an attempt to rescue Hattie. The two witnesses have ended their period of evangelizing the Lord's message and were killed, only to be resurrected and brought up to heaven. Peter Mathews is found dead and Enigma Babylon folds. And finally, Nicolae Carpathia was assassinated during a final speech commemorating the founding of the Global Community.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 9:13-19; 11:3-13
The Indwelling
Both the core members of the Tribulation Force and some new ones are in hiding while the world mourns for the loss of Nicolae. However, this loss is only temporary, for the spirit of Satan resurrects Nicolae and brings him back to life to fulfill the role of the Antichrist. Meanwhile, Buck learns a startling revelation from his old friend Chaim, Tsion "sees" the archangel Michael battling against Satan and his "angels" who are thrown out of heaven, and Leon Fortunato is imbued with power to call down fire from the skies in the sight of all people.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 12:1-12
The Mark
With Nicolae resurrected, millions of unbelievers are now worshipping him as a god, erecting statues in his likeness in many major cities. Leon Fortunato has emerged into the role of the False Prophet, promoting the new religion of worshipping Nicolae and enforcing the remaining population to be sealed with the unrepentable "mark of the beast" or die. Meanwhile, new member David Hassid and some other believers in New Babylon are planning their escape to go into hiding as Nicolae prepares for his "triumphal entry" into Jerusalem.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 13:1-18
With the Bowl Judgments being poured out, beginning with painful sores on those who have taken "the mark of the beast" and the seas being turned to blood, Nicolae outrages the Jewish worshippers of God in Israel by sacrificing a pig and erecting a statue of his likeness in their temple. Their response forces Nicolae to break the seven-year covenant he had made with their country. Meanwhile, the Tribulation Force puts Operation Eagle into motion, helping Israeli refugees flee from Jerusalem to God's special place for them in Petra, relying on His supernatural protection against Global Community troops.
The Remnant
As Petra, the current home of the Israeli-Jewish refugees fleeing the wrath of the Antichrist, miraculously survives a bombing attack upon them by the Global Community, Chloe assists a few other Tribulation Force members in a rescue operation of George Sebastian who was kidnapped in a failed rescue operation. Computer whiz Chang Wong continues to work undercover within New Babylon, now assisting his sister Ming Toy in finding their parents who have gone underground. The Tribulation Force eventually splits up and spreads out over the continents as their current safehouse has been compromised. And as more of the Bowl Judgments are poured out the lakes and rivers turning to blood, a sun-scorching killer heat wave that melts the polar icecaps, and total blackness that envelopes all in New Babylon who took the "mark of the beast" and worshipped Carpathia's image the Global Community suffers unrest, instability, and rebellion among even its loyal citizens.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 16:4-11
Now in the final year of the Tribulation, Rayford and Abdullah rescue Chang Wong during the plague of darkness over the Antichrist's throne, while Chloe is captured by Global Community forces and is sentenced to death after failing to provide them any information. Buck and other members and believers relocate to Petra. New Babylon is abandoned prior to its desolation, and the Global Community governing body relocates to Baghdad to plan their assault on God, His Son Jesus, and His city Jerusalem by amassing an army in the Jezreel Valley, where the plain of Megiddo is. The remaining members prepare to fight the biggest battle in history, even unto death.
Scriptural reference: Psalm 2; Revelation 16:12-16; 18:1-24
Glorious Appearing
As the battle of Armageddon rages on, the Global Community Unity Army overtakes Jerusalem, and the remaining members of the Tribulation Force must find Rayford and Buck, both of whom are now missing in action.  Chaim makes a final appeal to the remaining undecideds now in Petra to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior before the end comes.  With the final Bowl Judgment poured out resulting in a mountain-leveling earthquake and 100-pound hailstones raining on those who have taken the "mark of the beast" and worshipped his image Jesus Christ and His army of saints emerges from heaven to capture and cast Nicolae and Leon into the Lake of Fire and to put an end to the Global Community, setting up His kingdom here on earth for a millennium.  Survivors who are worthy to enter into the kingdom are reunited with their loved ones who were either raptured or died as martyrs.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 16:17-21; 19:11-21; 20:1-3
The Rising THE RISING: Before They Were Left Behind
The first of the LEFT BEHIND prequel books.

Years before the Rapture, Marilena Carpathia is given help by a family friend of hers, Viviana Ivinisova, to conceive a child, and the child she gives birth to is Nicolae, the Antichrist who will emerge in the due time. As the child grows, Marilena learns secrets about her friend that causes her to realize the trouble she's gotten herself into, though a bit too late to escape from it. Meanwhile, young Rayford Steele contemplates his future and decides to become an airplane pilot against his father's wishes.  The lives of these two men unfold as they progress toward the time of the Tribulation.
The Regime THE REGIME: Before They Were Left Behind
The second of the LEFT BEHIND prequel books.

As the adult Nicolae Carpathia slowly rises to power in his home country of Romania, winning the hearts of many while also making many adversaries who inexplicably die, the adult Rayford Steele deals with both his wife becoming a born-again Christian and his career as an airline pilot reaching its zenith.  Also, young Buck Williams sees his career as a news journalist take off as he goes from the Ivy League to the big-league news magazine publishing.
The Rapture THE RAPTURE: Before They Were Left Behind
The third of the LEFT BEHIND prequel books.

As Nicolae Carpathia sets his sights toward his first public appearance to the world, Rayford Steele finds himself at further odds with his wife and her faith as Chloe goes off to college and he finds himself enamored with his new flight attendant Hattie Durham.  Buck Williams befriends Chaim Rosenzweig during an interview and becomes a first-hand witness of God's supernatural protection of Israel during Russia's surprise attack.  However, none of them are prepared for the event that will take place in an instant Jesus appearing in the clouds to receive His church to Himself.
Kingdom Come KINGDOM COME: The End Of The Story (Just Released)
As Jesus begins His Millennial Reign here on Earth, Buck and Chloe Williams run the Children of the Tribulation school that teaches all the children who were alive at the Glorious Appearing to give their lives to Christ, while Rayford, Mac, Tsion, Irene, and Chaim are busy rebuilding the infrastructure of various countries.  At first things are peaceful, but as the death toll rises of people who do not desire to be saved upon reaching 100, a cult rises called The Other Light consisting of rebellious unbelievers who secretly worship Satan and plan to mount the last insurrection against God and Jesus Christ when the Millennium ends and Satan is loosed once again for his final defeat.  Kenny and Raymie team up with Zaki and Bahira, Abdullah's children, to form the Millennium Force in the hopes of countering The Other Light's efforts of gaining new recruits with the truth.
Scriptural reference: Revelation 20:4-10
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